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Loai Gomaa Founding Director Head of R&D & CTO

A word by the founder -
The foundation Viteeka Technologies was built on:


Viteeka Technologies was founded with a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology. We recognise that cutting-edge technologies are often out of reach for individuals with great ideas. Our vision is to democratize digital and electronic solutions, making them accessible to businesses of all types and sizes. At Viteeka, we strive to introduce technology solutions to those who may not yet realize their potential, empowering them to unleash innovation and drive business growth.

Our team members

With a global presence spanning across 10+ countries, our dynamic team comprises dedicated employees, skilled contractors, and diligent agents who work tirelessly around the clock, ensuring unwavering customer satisfaction.

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Loai Gomaa Founding Director Head of R&D & CTO
Employees (2)
Saif Gomaa Marketing Specialist & Head Of Vee Media House
Employees (3)
Abdelrahman Osama Lead of Software Development
Employees (1)
Amir Ziani Lead of Business Development
Employees (4)
Omar Shaeer Governance Officer

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Frequently asked questions

what do we do at Viteeka Technologies?
Where is Viteeka Technologies located?

Viteeka Technologies is a fully established entity in the EU, specifically in Tallinn Estonia, under registration number 16569268

What languages do we support?
Viteeka Technologies is a company that specializes in providing technology solutions with a focus on supporting multiple languages. However, you can expect us to be fluent in English, Arabic, and Chinese languages.

At Viteeka Technologies, our team comprises of technology experts who have a deep understanding of the languages we support.
What is our process at Viteeka Technologies?
How to become a Viteeka Technologies affiliate ?
To become an affiliate of Viteeka Technologies, you need to follow a few simple steps.

First, you need to click on the ‘Affiliate Program’. There you will find an application form that you need to fill in with your personal and contact details.

Once the application is submitted, Viteeka Technologies will review your application and notify you through email if you’ve been accepted as an affiliate.

Once accepted, you will receive a unique referral link which you can promote through your website or other channels. When someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase, you are entitled to a commission on that sale.

Viteeka Technologies offers a range of services including web development, digital marketing, and ecommerce solutions. As an affiliate, you can promote any or all of these services, depending on your interests and target audience.
How can Viteeka Technologies help with my project?
How to become a Viteeka Technologies strategic partner?
To become a strategic partner with Viteeka Technologies, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the partnership form available on Viteeka Technologies’ website. Provide detail about your company’s offerings and how they align with Viteeka Technologies’ business goals.

2. Initiate a discussion with Viteeka Technologies’ partnership team and present your company’s vision for the partnership. Clearly outline the benefits of the partnership to Viteeka Technologies and how it aligns with their business objectives.

3. Negotiate the terms and conditions of the partnership, outlining the roles and responsibilities of both parties and the benefits that each partner can expect.

4. Establish a regular communication and performance measurement plan to ensure that both parties are delivering on their commitments and that the partnership is achieving its stated objectives.
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